Early Years (Nursery & Reception)

Discover adventure, fun, exploration and investigation in our stimulating, caring and evolving Early Years environment for Nursery and Reception children.

At Stroud, our youngest children begin their school life in the purpose-built Elizabeth Sanger-Davies Centre designed with the needs of the child at its heart. Built in 2007, the centre has four classrooms, cloakrooms, and a large communal learning area. These extensive surroundings provide opportunities for children to learn creatively both indoors and outdoors. Indeed, our highly successful Forest School programme forms an integral part of the Early Years foundation stage, enhancing learning through diverse environments.

Children are exposed to a wide range of new experiences as they enter early education. We recognise that each child is unique, so their development needs are consequently supported in diverse ways. We value each year of a child’s life for what it is; precious and irreplaceable. We provide positive, enriching activities for all children between 3 and 5 years old. Furthermore we introduce them to methods of learning that stretch them and excite their imaginations.

Early Years Team