Ted Hughes, a giant of contemporary British literature, believed that children begin life with an almost immeasurable talent for self-expression. At Stroud, we keep that talent alive, feed children’s imaginations and instil in them confidence, a natural motive for writing and a lasting love of reading.

From the first days in Nursery to the last days in Senior School, stories and poems are shared daily and books remain an extremely important feature of our classrooms. From The Gruffalo to the works of Shakespeare; the underlying aim is always to foster an enduring enthusiasm for literature.

Children develop their understanding of syntax, grammar and punctuation and become creative and confident communicators – whether in written or spoken communications. Our dedication to facilitating positive and effective spoken communication skills is underpinned by our annual Public Speaking competition, which gives our children the skills and confidence to stand out from the crowd.

Stroud has embraced technological developments and iPADS are used across the school to develop literacy skills and enrich the curriculum. To complement the new, our traditional and cosy library is the heart of the school. Our wide range of contemporary and classical fiction and modern non-fiction means our children are often found curled-up on our comfortable sofas and beanbags, enjoying a good book.