As an inclusive school, we aim to provide all children with the opportunity to participate at the appropriate level in both inter and intra-school sport. Enjoyment at all levels is central to our ethos, and we are extremely proud of the pathways provided for our children to access sport at Stroud.

We offer a range of performance pathways where children can learn, develop and thrive. We foster a ‘One Team, Forever Undaunted’ mind-set in all environments. Children are encouraged to do their best at all levels of competition, celebrating their achievements along the way. All children are taught by specialist sports staff and are supported by wider school staff for fixtures, tournaments and festivals. Our departmental aim is to enhance the pupils’ exposure to a range of sports and develop a lifelong love of sport.

Sport at Stroud aims to:

  • Provide opportunities for all, regardless of ability.
  • Develop enjoyment, creativity, teamwork, discipline, respect, independence and sportsmanship.
  • Encourage team spirit and identity.
  • Promote the importance of physical fitness and exercise.
  • Develop physical, psychological, tactical and technical skills.
  • Develop skillful, committed, competitive and intelligent performers.
  • Introduce a wide variety of sports to build confidence and a platform for the future.
  • Promote links with local sports clubs to support development.

Code of Conduct: Sport in IAPS Guidelines