Exciting Maths at Stroud

Mathematics at Stroud has never been more exciting; with the mastery approach now fully embedded across the school, pupils explore and learn Mathematics in a variety of creative ways.

Through exploration with practical equipment and hands-on learning, and through creating, seeing, drawing, and understanding ideas represented in different forms, pupils become deeper learners, able to make and secure connections between mathematical concepts and confident in solving problems presented in a range of new contexts and situations.

At Stroud, Maths often spills outside the classroom into the natural environment, where opportunities for learning outside the classroom are seized and turn learning into something connected to real life that is interesting, exciting and relevant to our young learners.

We are thrilled to see the return of Maths competitions, which provide further enrichment and challenge for our pupils and the chance to explore Maths in a fun and creative way. Our children representing the school in the Year 4 West Hill Park Mathematics Challenge thoroughly enjoyed this experience and were excellent ambassadors for the school, demonstrating excellent collaborative skills and problem-solving.

Many of our Year 5 pupils also took part in the Primary Maths Challenge and we were able to award several bronze and silver awards across the year group. Benjamin earned a gold award and was subsequently invited to enter the bonus round, where he achieved another gold award; this really was an outstanding achievement!

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