Middle School (Y3-5)

The Middle School years at Stroud are an incredibly exciting time packed with opportunities.  Children are engaged in their own learning, and as they develop their own learning styles and preferences, so the curriculum and related experiences are tailored to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Academically, this will be the first time that the children are set in English and Maths, enabling greater differentiation and a more personalised learning experience.  Pastorally, the children are encouraged to be more independent in both their personal organisation and learning skills so that they will be ready to tackle the challenges of Senior School from Year 6.

Homework is introduced in the Middle School and children can choose to stay for ‘prep’ where they can complete any homework in a quiet and industrious environment. Alternatively, they can take part in a number of after school clubs including art, cookery, language, gym, dance, tennis, football, hockey, cricket and netball.  In Years 4 and 5 the children also go on their first residential trips where the main emphasis, in addition to academic learning, is on developing the social skills and independence needed to succeed in life.

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