Senior School (Years 6 to 8)

Years 6, 7 and 8 form the Senior School at Stroud. We teach all of our students on the same site, which alleviates the pressure on what can be an anxious transition into secondary education.

As in secondary schools, our senior pupils still have a form tutor to look after their pastoral needs, but are taught entirely by subject specialists. Smaller classes in Years 7 and 8 mean the pupils still benefit from Stroud’s, pupil-focused and nurturing approach, whilst also experiencing the full range of subjects offered in the lower years of secondary school. Through setting by ability for many subjects, each child receives targeted support and appropriately-paced lessons.

We incorporate exam preparation into lesson time without it dominate the general teaching of core skills and knowledge. Similarly, we do our utmost to prepare pupils for scholarships and entrance to senior independent and maintained schools. In Year 8, children can sit entrance exams to our secondary school, King Edward VI. Alternatively, we will support them in any Common Entrance exams for a range of senior independent and state schools.

Opportunities for sport, drama, music, art and other extra-curricular activities abound in the Senior School. Children can take full advantage of these in ‘Prep’ time. However, we work with them to ensure that they can balance any co-curricular commitments with the demands of homework.

Residential trips remain a highlight in the memories of many ex-Stroud children. Year 6 pupils visit France each summer and Years 7 and 8 go to Barcelona every other year. Within the UK, Year 7 have an annual trip to Stratford, whereas Year 8 hike on Dartmoor and end the year on a high with a long weekend of outdoor pursuits in Shropshire.

Senior School Team and Subject Specialists