At Stroud we understand that we live in a rapidly changing world. We believe in the importance of our children becoming confident and competent users of the technology that will shape the future. Children develop the IT capabilities , learning how to manipulate information in the process of problem solving, recording and engaging in creative work.

Children are guided in the use of hardware and software during focused lessons and are encouraged to use these skills through all areas of the curriculum. We have two dedicated ICT suites incorporating the latest touch screen PCs that work in conjunction with our school iPad programme. We want our children to explore their attitudes to ICT and its value, not only for themselves and others but for society as a whole. Children are taught the importance of being secure with their own and others’ information in electronic form and significant emphasis is placed on keeping safe when communicating on-line.

ICT is an integral part of society and we strive to ensure our children leave Stroud with the necessary skills, confidence and moral compass to succeed in a technology-driven world.