Stroud @ Home – Coronavirus

At Stroud we were very early adopters of a full remote curriculum for our pupils. As well as providing key worker in-school provision, we launched a highly successful Stroud@Home programme blending Google Classroom with Zoom to effectively continue the curriculum, deliver online face-to-face lessons and provide the critically important social interaction that our children need. We are lucky to have a huge IT infrastructure across Stroud and our senior school, King Edward VI School, Southampton, so we can quickly adapt and upskill our pupils, parents and staff with the IT skills needed.

Teachers worked tirelessly to create and develop timetables for remote learning and we embarked on new ways of teaching: timetables were revamped, new materials were put together for virtual lessons and daily Zoom assemblies. Our sports team had us running around doing exercises and challenges and music pupils still had their lessons remotely. Even a selection of extra-curricular clubs were run virtually, with pupils enjoying Golf, Lego construction, Digital Leaders, Art and Dance. Click here to see images of home learning.

We were deeply disappointed to be closing the school twice during both Lockdowns, however made this experience a positive one for our children: one that maintains as much academic rigour as possible whilst ensuring each child’s wellbeing remains at the forefront of our minds.

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