Stroud @ Home – Coronavirus

Having successfully returned with all ten year groups to enjoy the end of the summer term, our Stroud Spirit has never shone brighter. All home learning provision is still in place and we are ‘ready  to go’ should we find ourselves placed back in  a lockdown situation.

COVID-19 hit the UK at the beginning of the year and, following the Government’s announcement, schools were asked to close to limit the spread of the virus. Stroud adhered to all of the Government’s recommendations – and so began a new challenge for teachers and pupils to get to grips with virtual learning.

Teachers and parents alike were all on new territory, all being brilliant and brave, in the face of what was both unprecedented and in fact quite frightening. Our Stroud community soared above the challenges with staff, parents and governors working hard together to achieve the best possible outcome.

Teachers worked tirelessly to create and develop timetables for remote learning. Not knowing when we would all return together at Stroud left us with very little option but to make the very best of what we had and get on with delivering the best Stroud education to pupils in their own homes.

So we embarked on new ways of teaching: timetables were revamped, new materials were put together for virtual lessons and daily Zoom assemblies. Our sports team had us running around doing exercises and challenges and music pupils still had their lessons remotely. Even a selection of extra-curricular clubs were run virtually, with pupils enjoying golf, Lego construction, Digital Leaders, art and dance. Click here to see images of home learning.

We undoubtedly encountered glitches and difficulties with this brand new approach to classroom teaching, but all the issues were resolved to ensure a speedy resumption of the best possible experience for our pupils. As new routines settled, our teachers sought to hone and develop our remote teaching provision so that children had greater interactivity and access to wider opportunities. Our teachers were developing the approach every day with no precedent and no reference book, all based on skilled judgement and instinct, as they coped with this unprecedented crisis.

Through this difficult time, our number one priority was to ensure all our children received the very best education they could in the circumstances. We know that this period in our lives was challenging and realise that there were times when not everything went to plan; the changes potentially put additional pressures on our parents who were involved to a far greater extent in their child’s school day than normal, adding to their own demands. We are therefore hugely grateful to our parents, who have shown and expressed your unstinting support for Stroud School.

We have come back to school together, stronger and more positive, and one hundred percent more capable of dealing with challenges thrown at us. We are now ready to face any challenges that come our way with true Stroud Spirit!