Autumn 2017

Languages and Culture day

On Thursday 5 November, Stroud celebrated languages, culture and civilisation during a Language & Culture Day. We enjoyed a fantastic day full of exciting events and activities based on not only European countries, but also South Africa, South America and China among others.

In the Early Years, the parents joined in and shared the language they speak at home with the children as well as sharing food from their country. They read stories and taught familiar songs in their native language. They loved Scottish dancing with one of our grandparents from Nursery. The Sing and Sign session was a success and the children learnt to combine sign language with songs. Of course, the tasting of the food was a real hit as well! Using the iPads, the Year 8 pupils paired up with their ‘buddies’ and recorded some short messages, in French, of course!

The event also a huge success in Key Stage 1. The children loved learning Mandarin, Afrikaans and Spanish – a special moment for one child in Year 2 who led the Spanish session! There were so many highlights of the day, but ones that the children still are talking about now are the Wellie Dance with Mr VZ and Mr Rouse, baking croissants and pain au chocolat (and then tasting them!) and the Latin dancing in the ASD. The children are still practising their ‘paso doble’ moves in the playground and asking when they can do it again! Professedly, the main highlight of their day was baking some croissants and ‘pain au chocolat’ and of course eating them! The pastries were delicious!

Middle School and Senior School also had lots of fun! Pupils from Years 3 to 8 created their own French and Spanish passports. The Mandarin slot was very successful too and enabled us to link with another of our parents as well as the languages department at KES. There were Art sessions and British Sign Language with our lovely Mrs Gee. The children were also given a professional dancing lesson including the salsa, paso doble and Cha Cha Cha. A slot on Musical Theatre has also enhanced the day, with Sophie leading the sessions on behalf of Stacey Wilson from ‘The Performing Arts Academy’.

One of the highlights at the end of day was a demonstration of Latin dancing by Year 3 and Year 5, as well as our Prefects performing the Wellie dance in the ASD – an amazing spectacle! All in all, we had a really memorable day. Well done and many thanks to everybody who took part!