Meet our new Alpacas - Dodds and Nod!

The latest and very exciting new additions to our school farm are two rather beautiful alpacas; Dodds and Nod. Dodds and Nod are named after Mr and Mrs Dodds, who retired last year and we hope that, like our alpacas, Mr and Mrs Dodds are enjoying their new life. Dodds and Nod arrived at Stroud over the summer and have settled in nicely alongside the chickens, pygmy goats and ponies. We are all looking forward to getting to know these beautiful animals and getting hands-on with their well being. 

Miss Watters

'Dodds and Nod are really cute and fluffy - I love them.' Betsy, Year 3

'The alpacas have long legs and very long necks!' Megan, Year 3  

'The alpacas have amazing names which will definitely help us remember Mr and Mrs Dodds.' Thomas, Year 6

Born: 5th August 2014Born: 20th July 2014