Operation Christmas Child

Although it is only November many of us here at Stroud have already been Christmas shopping! That's because we are supporting the Samaritan’s Purse charity with their Operation Christmas Child initiative. Children, staff and parents have carefully packed shoeboxes full of gorgeous gifts and carefully wrapped them up in Christmas paper, not only did this get us feeling festive but also will bring joy and happiness this Christmas to children less fortunate than us all over the world. 

Miss Watters

'I made a shoe box for a girl my age, I gave her some teddies, pens, and a toothbrush.' Issy, Year 6

'I put lots of stationary in my shoe box as well as a bag, some toys and some jewelry.' Harriet, Year 6

'I really enjoyed making my shoe box, I put teddy bears in it.' Radley, Year 7