Stroud goes Interstellar!

This week, Stroud School went interstellar as Mr Applegarth-Jones unveiled the school star, part of the Coma Berenices Constellation, in his assembly. We encourage all of our children to think big and dream even bigger – his assembly was a clear indication that there are no limits to how far we can go with the right effort and support around us. Formally known as number 90918739, 'Stroud School' is a dazzler! Shining brightly in the Coma Berenices constellation, regarded as the tail of Leo the Lion, it can be seen at 11 degrees 59' 29.82" , 13.5227 degrees.

Mr Worrall, Headmaster

'Having a star named after us is really exciting - not many people have a star named after them!' Maddie, Year 4

'I think it's great that we have a star named after our school as we are all stars at Stroud.' Isabella, Year 6

'When Mr Applegarth-Jones told us we had a star named after our school it was unbelievable!' Alex, Year 7