Y1 - Year 1 enjoy their day at the Hawk Conservancy

Year 1 recently had a chilly trip to the Hawk Conservancy. They had a fun-packed day learning about birds from around the world. The children’s first experience was watching vultures being fed and the children were glad to be on the other side of the fence! The ‘birds of prey’ show was a hit; the children found it very exciting, ducking from the birds overhead. Another highlight was when ‘Raj’ the fast-flying falcon flew away and didn’t return - the children didn’t spot him out of the bus window on the way back to school either!

Miss Torrance, Year 1 teacher

'I liked watching the owl fly over my head.' Aaliya, Year 1

'Collecting the stamp passports was fun!' Frazer, Year 1

'The vulture tried to take my hat!' Sookie, Year 1