Y4 - A Visiting Viking comes to Year 4.

Year 4 spent the day in the company of a visiting Viking warrior Uhtred Uhtredson, who took us back in time and prepared the children to survive in the Dark Ages! Our Viking day supported our History topic on Invaders and Settlers and helped us to understand why the Vikings invaded; what conditions were like at the time; and, what the remarkable legacy of these invaders has been. Uhtred brought in plenty of Viking artefacts for us to handle and even led the children in a weapons drill (under the watchful eyes of their class teachers!)

Mr Nutting, Year 4 teacher

'I enjoyed our Viking Day because we actually got to see what the Vikings did, what they made and where they went.' Harry, Year 4

'We enjoyed cutting the cabbages and melons with a sword!' Rosie and Hannah, Year 4

'We enjoyed it when we played the game with a shield and a ball.' Harleen and Julia, Year 4