Y4 - Year 4 enjoy their day at Butser Ancient Farm.

Year 4 had a great time at Butser Ancient Farm where they explored the Iron Age houses and saw the Anglo-Saxon house being built using traditional methods. The children took part in a range of Anglo-Saxon building techniques including wattling, daubing and clunching, as well as pottery and archaeology.

Miss Edmondson and Mr Nutting, Year 4 teachers

'I enjoyed clunching because we had to get some chalk and put it on our faces! The archaeology was good fun because you never knew when you were going to find something or what you were going to find!' Isobel R, Year 4

'I really enjoyed Butser. I liked exploring the round houses and the Anglo-Saxon house that was being built. I also loved looking at the sheep with 4 horns!' Isobel H, Year 4