Y6 - ICT in Action!

Year 6 have enjoyed a day of ICT in action. They experienced 3 exciting activities throughout the day; Sphero programming, Lego Mindstorms programming and creating ‘bristle bots’ from toothbrushes and mini-motors. The purpose of the day was to provide enhancement of the ICT curriculum, allowing interactivity between physical objects and ICT. Year 6 were joined by some Year 9 Digital Leaders from King Edward VI School, who worked with our children to help guide them through the activities. 

Mrs Price, Head of ICT

'ICT in action was really fun! I enjoyed the coding.' Emily, Year 6

'I liked the Sphero's, they were hard to control at first but once you got the hang of them it was amazing!' Sam, Year 6

'I really, really, really enjoyed the Sphero's! They were awesome!' Charlotte, Year 6