Y6 - Year 6 enjoy their science trip to Paultons Park!

Year 6 had a fantastic time at Paulton’s Park as part of the science and ICT curriculum. They studied forces and energy systems in rollercoaster rides and then used their ICT skills to program a ride themselves. A highlight of the trip was visiting Professor Blast’s lab where the children were able to study the rides close up and learn about the forces acting on them. Even though the heavens opened over Romsey for much of the day, for some reason Paultons remained dry and sunny and we were able to enjoy the park without a drop of rain!

Mrs Smith, Head of Science

'I learnt that it's not just electricity that moves the rollercoaster carts around the track, it's also forces like like gravity.' Ed, Year 6

'Paultons was amazing - the Edge was the best ride ever!' Lillie, Year 6

'My favourite part was when we all got a massive ice cream!' Jacob, Year 6

'I liked finding out how the roller coasters work, and going into the lab to use Flowol.' Klara, Year 6