Famous author visits Stroud

The first Thursday in November, local Hampshire author Ali Sparkes, a Blue Peter Book of the Year Award winner in 2010, came to give a talk to Years 5 & 6.

Ali is a natural performer and grabbed our attention immediately getting us to respond to cue cards to put us in the mood. The story about how she became an author was witty, informative and engaging. She used some clever props and the final magician’s ‘spiral trick’ at the end brought some real gasps from her audience. When it comes to writing, Ali's message is, “Don’t give up. Her work was rejected for years, but she kept writing and submitting. She came close on a number of occasions - only to be rejected at the last minute. But she kept writing and was finally published in 2006, and since then has written over 40 books!

After a break she worked with Year 6, who worked in groups to generate the title, blurb and the opening few sentences of a story they’d like to read. We had some atmospheric creations that would truly make the basis for a great book! Ali stayed on during lunch to sign books and chat with her readers. She was inspirational and her books have been on regular loan from the school library ever since.  Mr Rogers, Librarian