Y5 - A Victorian Day Out to Beaulieu Palace House

Right from the beginning of the day, children and teachers were in role as Victorian characters, dressed in costume and behaving accordingly. Miss Payton looked fierce with her glasses, hair bun and stern glare, Mr Reid wielding his cane and Mr Applegarth-Jones walking with an air of authority in his school master’s gown. The children came dressed as an assortment of chimney sweeps, maids and footmen all looking for employment at Palace House. The only person standing in their way however, was the indomitable Miss Clarke. Fingernails were scrubbed, shoes polished, backs straightened and manners checked throughout the day. We were also taken on a whistle-stop tour of the Victorian age through motoring by Mr Stephens, Lord Montagu’s chauffeur. What with rides on the monorail, open top bus and ‘Wheels’, all the Year 5 children had an extraordinary day out to remember.

Mr Reid, Year 5 teacher

'Meeting Miss Clarke was really exciting especially when she checked the boy’s fingernails and found that they were really grubby and dirty. It made the girls laugh.' Ciara, Year 5

'We went on the ‘Wheels’ ride lots of times. When you went round on it, you found out lots of different things about cars and history. The cavemen were scary and had dirty, gruesome eyes and faces.' Claudia, Year 5