Y8 - Year 8's Medieval Trip to Salisbury Cathedral

On Thursday 7th January, Year 8 visited Salisbury Cathedral. The visit enhanced their understanding of medieval history and was a great experience for all. The day began with a medieval murder mystery! Using artefacts, the children had to decide if William Longespee (King John's half brother) had been murdered, and if so, who was responsible. A tour of the Cathedral was next, and everyone was a little awestruck by the incredible architecture. Following a tasty (but somewhat chilly) lunch in the cloisters, the children had an opportunity to write on parchment, using quills and walnut ink. The quality of handwriting was impressive, and several children suggested that they would be happy to write with a quill in their normal lessons! The final activity of the day was a fascinating and thought-provoking workshop on Roman Law, Magna Carta and Human Rights. We shall never forget seeing the Year 8 pupils donning fancy dress as Roman slaves and medieval barons and peasants. There was even an appearance from Xavier as a high court judge! A fabulous time was had by all.

Miss Brooker and Mrs Duncan, History teachers

'The writing lesson with quills was great - it was fun experimenting with different medieval handwriting styles.' Georgina, Year 8

'The medieval murder mystery investigation was really interesting - it was fun looking at the evidence and artifacts that we were given to discover how and why William Longespee was killed.' Nathaniel, Year 8

'I loved seeing the original Magna Carta.' Daniel, Year 8

'The discussion on the differences between Magna Carta Law, Roman Law and Human Rights was really surprising, I learnt a lot.' Archie, Year 8