Site Guide

This site is designed for a range of different users from prospective parents to former members of the school.

Access to material that is relevant to you is achieved by choosing from one of the top tabs.

You may also use the Search facility at any time (shown towards the top right of the screen).

Join Us: this gives information for prospective pupils and their parents/guardians and also staff considering applying for employment at Stroud/KES but will also be of interest to others.

Parents: this is targeted at parents who have children at the School but will also contain useful background information that may be of interest to prospective parents.

This will also contain access to the parent portal which gives information about your child and includes grades, reports and timetable information. To access this, parents will need to use the login details provided by the School.

Pupils: this is for current pupils of the School and will require login to the site using your normal login details